Our mission is to Spark new ideas in Louisville [before normal business hours].

Idea Mornings is a monthly gathering of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists, scholars, and community activists in Louisville. On the last Friday of each month, we invite a distinguished speaker to give a short presentation aimed to spark new ideas for the community. Our hope is that these ideas from smart people in Louisville will turn into new opportunities for innovation.

Some of our past speakers have included:

  • Ari Cowan (Campaign for Compassionate Cities) spoke on “Compassion cities”
  • Adam Fish (Entrepreneur, Forge) spoke on “The power of pull and scale free networks”
  • JK McKnight (Founder of Forecastle) spoke on “The Forecastle Foundation, sustainability and the interdependence between 1st and 3rd world countries”
  • Heather Howell  (C ‘Tea’ O, Rooibee red tea) spoke on “Wo(men) in Black and the importance of balance of founding teams and governance boards”
  • Patrick Piuma (Urban Design Studio) spoke on “SoBro, district on the brink”
  • Maggie Harlow (Sign-A-Rama) spoke on “Supporting public schools by innovating with the public and private sectors”
  • Judge Angela Bisig (Jefferson County District Court Judge) spoke on “Restorative Justice”
  • Damian Pataluna (Owner/CEO of FischerSIPS) spoke on “Stewardship and your company”
  • Rowan Claypool (Social Entrepreneur, Bulldogs in the Bluegrass, Teach Kentucky) spoke on “How to attract great talent to Louisville. Not “we need to” or “wouldn’t it be great if we could,” let’s just do it…..”
  • Lopa Mehrotra (TestToob) spoke on “The value of play”
  • Stacey Servo (new2lou) spoke on Being a Transplant in Louisville
  • Paul Lenzi, Heather Burns,  Katherine Mapother, Joan Smith,  IF University + Louisville’s Blue Apple Players teamed up for an interactive session on the healing power of the performing arts.
  • Kelby Price (Founder of Pivyt) + (4) students representing YouthBuild Louisville, Fern Creek High School, Manual High School, and Sacred Heart Academy. “Business & Education – Connecting Passion”
  • Tyler Allen (owner of USA Image Technologies, Inc.  and co-founder of the 8664 movement) “The Idea of Basketball”
  • Aaron Marshall (Founder of the popular app Over) “Just Enough Less is More: The Disruptive Power of Minimally Viable Products”
  • Lara MacGregor (Founder of Hope Scarves)
  • Christopher Cprek (LVL1 hackerspace) “3D Printing”
  • Dr. Rajeev Bais (Founder of the Survivors Clinic) “Compassion and Survivors of Torture”
  • Bradford Cummings  (Former CEO of The Paulick Report – the home for Thoroughbred news worldwide) “Creating a Successful Niche Business in a Downtrodden Economy”
  • Ross Baird (Founder of Village Capital) “Impact Investing”







For more information, contact Jason D’Mello (dmelloja [at] gmail.com)

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